In present era it is a great problem for school and college to maintain their record fast and properly.so they don’t get total benefits as they can get.

PowerMac reliase this problem and develop a great software called ’SAP’ only for those, who want to be faster and topper in this great field of education .

‘SAP’ has been introduced as an ready to use and well documented software avaliable throughtout the country with the advent of windows ‘SAP’ become first state of art product fully compatiable with windows and using the advance object linking and embedding open database connectivity(ODBC) technology.

‘SAP’ is a land mark introduction to technology on one hand and simplicity on another .
Registration Management
  • Registration
  • Registration Receipt
  • Registration List- Class List
  • Registration List- Media wise
  • Prospectus/Registration-A/c list
  • Registration List-Admitted Student

Account Management

  • A/c Creation
  • Group Creation
  • Payment Entry
  • Payment Voucher Report
  • Payment List
  • Receipt Entry
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Receipt List
  • Bank Deposit
  • Bank Withdraw
  • Daily Balance
  • Day Book
  • Bank Book
  • Cash Book
  • Account Ledger
  • Account List
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet

Mark sheet Management

  • Define Term
  • Define Subject
  • Define Max. Mark
  • Define Grade & Remark
  • Define Mark sheet Report Term wise
  • Get Data From Academic Record
  • Print Mark slip (Class wise & Section wise)
  • Entry of Marks Term wise Auto create Mark sheet With Total
  • Percentage, Grade, Remark, Position (Term wise & Class wise)
  • Cross list (Term Wise & Class Wise)
  • Display Mark sheet (Term Wise & Class Wise)
  • Print Mark sheet (Term Wise & Class Wise)
  • Result
  • Fail Student List
  • Student Static's

Utility Management

  • Blank Latter Head
  • Student List
  • Student Admission Form
  • Student Label
  • Student ID Card
  • Student Term Fee Detail
  • Backup
  • Restore

Notice Management

  • Notice Entry
  • Notice Printing
  • Notice Edit
  • Notice List

MIS Report Management

  • Student Related Report
  • Employee Related Report
  • Various Setup Report

Financial Report Management

  • Day Book
  • Daily Balance (Receipt & Payment)
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Receipt & Payment
  • Account Ledger Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss


Vechicle Management
  • Define Vehicle
  • Define Pickup Point & Amount
  • Define Student Using Conveyance
  • Edit Student Conveyance Detail
  • Vehicle Expenditure Entry
  • Pickup Point Wise Student List
  • Vehicle List Using Conveyance (Class Wise)
  • Vehicle Static's

Student Administration Management

  • Student Information
  • Student List
  • Student Details
  • Student Status
  • student Fee- Receipt
  • Student Fee- Class Due Registration
  • Student Fee- Dues Regs-Monthly
  • Student Fee- Dues-Financial
  • Student Ledger
  • Student Fee- Month wise
  • Student Fee List- Date wise
  • Student Fee List- Name/SR wise
  • Student Performance- Entry
  • Student Performance – Report
  • Student Performance – Report List
  • Student Conveyance fee- Entry
  • Student Fee- Receipt
  • Student Fee- Ledger
  • Student Fee- Day sheet
  • Student Fee Head wise Collection
  • Class Define

Certificate Management

  • Character Certificate
  • Character Certificate List
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate List
  • No Dues Certificate
  • No Dues Certificate List
  • Fee Certificate
  • Fee Certificate List
  • Migration Certificate for ICSE
  • Migration Certificate List
  • Expenses Certificate
  • Expanses Certificate List
  • Salary Certificate
  • Salary certificate List
  • Whom May It Concern Certificate
  • Whom May It Concern Certificate List

Stock Management

  • Fixed Entry (Table/Chair/Equipment)
  • Stock List
  • Stock Valuation
  • Stock A/C Ledger

Dues Report Management

  • Class Dues Registration
  • Monthly Dues List
  • Financial Report Monthly Dues with amount
  • Class Dues Registration (Conveyance)
  • Monthly Dues List (Conveyance)
Library Management
  • Define Book
  • Book Entry
  • Book List
  • Book Issue
  • Book Issue List
  • Book Issue Receipt Report
  • Book Receipt Detail
  • Fine Posting
  • Book A/C

Employee Management

  • Employee Detail Entry
  • Employee Pay Skill Entry
  • Employee List
  • Employee Detail Report
  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee Attendance List
  • Employee Advance Entry
  • Employee Advance List
  • Employee Pay Slip Creation
  • Individual Pay Slip Receipt
  • Monthly Pay Slip Report
  • Allowance & Deduction Report
  • Individual IT Return Report
  • IT Report
  • PF Report (Early Salary Statement)
  • Bank Payment List Report
  • Employee A/C Report

Inventory Management

  • Define Item
  • Define Supplier
  • Define Account Ledger
  • Define Book Set
  • List Of Item
  • List Of Suppliers
  • List for Account Ledger
  • Purchase Item
  • Purchase Return
  • Sale- Item wise
  • Sale- Book Sale Wise
  • Purchase List
  • Monthly Purchase Report
  • Monthly Sale Report
  • Sale Return Report
  • Stock Report
  • In-Out- Stock Report
  • Sale Book
  • Purchase Book
  • Bank Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Print Report

School Bell Management

  • Define Bell Time
  • Define bell Sound
  • Activate School Bell

Mughalpur, Chargawa,Gorakhpur

Secrad Heart Academy
Shahpur, Gorakhpur

Vikash Bharti School
Padri Bazar, Gorakhpur

ABC Public School
Divya Nagar, Gorakhpur

Steeping Stone
Surajkund, Gorakhpur

Springer Public School
Industrial Area, Gorakhpur

J.P.Education Academy
Green City, Gorakhnath, Gorakhpur

Rajeev Nagar, Basharatpur, Gorakhpur

Virendra Nath Ganguly Memorial School
Ganguly Toal, Basharatpur, Gorakhpur

Disney Land Childerens Academy
Ghantaghar, Gorakhpur

Modern Heritage Academy
Near Aluminum Factory, Gorakhpur

Gyansthali Public School
Rajeev Nagar, Basharatpur, Gorakhpur

Evergreen Public School
Vijay Chowk, Gorakhpur

Green Vally
Nausarh, Gorakhpur

Surya Public School
Rani diha,Gorakhpur

St. Xaviers’s Sr. Sec. School
Bhiti Rawat, Gorakhapur

Paradise Day Boarding School
Rajendra Nagar,Gorakhpur

Hope Dyson Memorial School

Veer Bhadur Singh Memorial Girls College

Industrial Area,Gorakhpur

Anando Public School
Raptinagar, Gorakhapur

Udaya Public School

Don Bosco School
Enng. College,Gorakhpur

Schoolar’s Girls Inter College
Enng. College,Gorakhpur

Scholar’s Degree College
Enng. College,Gorakhpur

Indain Academy

Scholars Public School

Adarsh Ser. Sec. School Gorakhapur

Arogya mandir, Gorakhpur

Naveen Saraswati shishu mandir
Jharkhandi, Gorakhapur

Purvanchal Public School

Madhaw Public School
Dawarpur, Gorakhapur

Vimal Montesory Inter College

M.P.Singh Children School
Gorakhnath, Gorakhpur

Central Public School
Mohaddipur, Gorakhpur

Amar Singh Childrens School
Civil Lines, Golghar, Gorakhpur

Bright Land Children Academy
Ashuran Chowk, Gorakhpur

Saraswati Bal Vihar
Raptinagar, Gorakhpur

Purvanchal Academy
Manas Vihar Colony, Gohapur

Cambridge International School
H.N.Singh Chowk, Gorakhpur

St. Judjes School
Mohaddipur, Gorakhpur

M.S. Das Degree College


Central Hindu School
Divya Nagar,Gorakhpur

Vatsalaya Public School
Fatima Road,Gorakhpur

Oxford Public School

Saraswati Shishu Mandir V. M. School
Subhash Nagar, Gorakhpur

St Marry School
Enng. College,Gorakhpur

N.S. Children Academy
Madhopur , Gorakhapur

Central Model School

National Kala Academy
Fatima Road,Gorakhpur

Zenith Convent School

Air force,Gorakhpur


Budha Academy

PIC School
Salempur, Deoria


Balrampur Modern School

Blumming Bud’s Higher sceondry school
Mufflishpur Road, Khalilabad

Khalilabad Public School


Sarala International

St Xeviers Public School

G.V.M Convent School

Central Academy
Civil Line,Basti

Avish International